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Marietta field Sobriety tests are designed for failure

The breath test machine used in Georgia IS NOT warranted
to be fit for its intended use by the manufacturer.

Thousand of people are arrested for DUI each year. Police officers are human, and can make mistakes when deciding whether or not to arrest someone. Field sobriety tests can be misinterpreted. Blood alcohol testing equipment can malfunction.

Georgia's breath test machine is unfair to women.
People can be treated unfairly. Important rights not read. If you feel your DUI charges are unfair or wrong, Guy Sharpe can help. Guy has the knowledge and the experience to help you fight these charges and win. He has helped over a thousand people in similar circumstances, and he's ready to fight for your rights.

My rights were never read to me. What can I do in Georgia?
Don't try to represent yourself. The consequences are too serious, loss of license, jail time, and damage to your reputation and ability to get a job. Call Guy Sharpe and get an attorney with extensive experience winning Marietta, Cobb, and Atlanta DUI cases.

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Marietta and Cobb County DUI News

Just finished a big case for a driver with Commercial Driver's License, charged with DUI, with a breath test result of 0.21, almost 3 times the DUI per se limit of 0.08.  Driver also charged with failure to maintain lane.  We pointed out that her right front tire being flat caused her difficulty driving and she did not want to pull over on the side of the road at 3:00 a.m. when she only had less than a mile to get home when the officer saw her.   We filed a motion to suppress evidence arguing that there was no probable cause for the DUI arrest, asserting that the officer did not follow proper protocol for the administration of field sobriety tests,  his failure to properly demonstrate the individual tests, as well as not properly evaluating the tests he administered.   Client recited the ABC's perfectly.  The officer had only been certified for two months and this DUI encounter was his second one.  The judge agreed with our assertions regarding the field sobriety tests, observed that the client recited the ABC's perfectly and ruled that the officer did not have sufficient evidence to justify arresting her for DUI.  Client pled guilty to failure to maintain lane.  DUI dismissed.  CDL license in good standing.  It was all my client could do to refrain from jumping up and down in excitement!

Georgia's Super Speeder law

The law in Georgia on the Super Speeder tickets went into effect on January 1, 2010.  It provides that anyone pleading guilty to the charge of  exceeding the speed limit by 75 mph on a two lane road, and 85 mph on any road shall be issued an additional fee by the Department of Driver Services in the amount of $200.00.   The Department has 30 days upon receipt of the notice of conviction to issue the additional charge.

In the News

Recent case law in Georgia makes it easier for people to be arrested for DUI.  All you have to do is blow into the portable breath testing device at the pullover.  Police frequently lie to drivers and state that the PBT only indicates positive or negative for alcohol, but it actually prints out a number, so the police will be able to tell where you are on the range of alcohol consumed and decide whether or not you are over the limit and should be arrested.  They can't use the PBT number in court to prove that you scored at a certain level, but they can use the Intox 5000 breath test results to show you were over the limit.

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